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We are dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all humanity by helping those who seek to attain deep personal cleansing, holistic healing, rebirth of the spirit, and higher consciousness. We’re serious about it and would expect you to be also.

SpiritQuest Listening to the Plants healing retreats are distinguished by our decades of experience and demonstrated skill in the Shamanic arts, consummate professionalism, impeccable integrity, and compassionate and responsible care for the well-being of those entrusted to us.

Our service is to facilitate holistic healing, profound spiritual realization, dynamic personal empowerment, and enduring positive life transformation for those who seek it.

Our intention and mission is to be a dynamic and viable positive influence in the collective healing of all humanity and Mother Earth. One human spirit at a time. We intend to be a positive influence in the joining of ancient and modern cultures to prepare for the challenges and blessings of the Renaissance of Consciousness which is at hand.

Our invitation is to you, if you feel a calling to our work.

Amber Lyon interviews SpiritQuest founder Don Howard Lawler on the work we do with Ayahuasca at the Sanctuary.

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The spirit of Chavín is alive and well at SpiritQuest. The traditions and rituals that created an awakening of consciousness have been carefully curated and preserved by the Maestros and Maestras of this beautiful place.


When we first arrived and I heard, "Welcome Home!", I did not understand at the time how right he was. If home is where the heart is, then SpiritQuest is home. Because it was at SpiritQuest that I found the path back to my heart. Don Howard wasn't there in his physical form, but he was definitely there in Spirit. From every ceremony, Icaro, and blessing, Don Howard's presence was felt. But probably most of all, Don Howard was present at the Sanctuary through his daughter, Selva. Being a part of Selva's first Huachuma ceremony was something I will never forget. This young woman held court and guided us through a lifetime that day. It was perfect, and she was perfect.


Don Howard can rest easy knowing that the work he dedicated his life to is in the most capable of hands with Selva, Don Rober, Doña Eliana, and Don Carlos."

  —  JON FISHER, Atlanta, GA, USA

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"Work with sacred plant teacher-healers is the freest form of human spiritual consciousness, and also one of the most advanced. It’s unconfining. You accept what you experience. And there's no end to it. It's an open-ended process for as long as you want to pursue it. That's the beauty of it; there's really no end to it."
- Don Howard
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