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SpiritQuest Ayahuasca Program Agenda


  • 8 days/nights with 6 ceremonies, with 4 deeply cleansing and healing Ayahuasca ceremonies, a heart-opening Bobinsana dream ceremony, and a Mapacho sacred tobacco ceremony to set intentions.

  • Ayahuasca 8-day retreats start on either Fridays or Saturdays upon arrival at the Iquitos airport and end the following week on Saturday or Sunday morning with group transportation to the Iquitos airport. 

  • What is included: Comfortable and secure licensed lodging at SpiritQuest Sanctuary in the Peruvian Amazon, all-you-can-eat organic dieta meals, group airport transportation, Shamanic orientation and instruction, guided sacred plant ceremonies, flower baths following Ayahuasca ceremonies, personalized healing and consultation, and enriching integrative activities with nature and indigenous people of the Amazon.

  • What is not included: Airfare, personal purchases, (optional) gratuities.

The heart and soul of Ayahuasca SpiritQuest is the opportunity to authentically engage the legendary holistic spirit medicine of the Amazon called Ayahuasca, conducted by the renowned Maestro Banco Ayahuasquero, Don Rober Acho Jarama, an extraordinary vegetalista Curandero of the Lamista lineage.


Don Rober is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive healer, characterized by his unbridled devotion to the ancient jungle healing arts, a deep knowledge of traditional plant medicine, and a sense of service to humanity through his connection with the healing spirits of the Earth, Water, and Heavens. He radiates positive healing energy and uncomplicated wisdom which communicates directly to the heart and soul of everyone who knows him.

Don Rober was initiated in Ayahuasca at 7 years old, began apprenticing with the medicine at age 11, and has continually refined his mastery and knowledge of the art of Ayahuasca Curanderismo for over 62 years. Don Rober’s intuitive gifts and perceptual insight is complemented by his genuine, humble, and unassuming manner.

Don Rober is ably assisted by his wife Doña Eliana, and their son, Don Carlos. They are all Maestros and Curanderos with decades and decades of experience in the sacred plant healing arts of Peru. Together they have over 130 years of combined Shamanic experience and warm hearts, professional competence, and impeccable integrity. Don Rober, Doña Eliana, and Don Carlos form a remarkable triumvirate both during the Ayahuasca ceremonies and outside of the Ayahuasca ceremonies in which the whole of the Acho family greatly exceeds the sum of its parts.


The universal harmony and positive healing energy inherent in our work is extraordinary and felt by everyone present.

We will conduct 4 Ayahuasca healing ceremonies, an intention-setting Mapacho sacred tobacco ceremony, and a heart-opening Bobinsana ceremony during our 8-day Ayahuasca SpiritQuest retreats.

In the presence of Ayahuasca for "medicine power", our companion plants of Chacruna, Yagé, and Huambisa for "light", and Bobinsana for "love", we convene in ceremony with Don Rober, Doña Eliana, Don Carlos, and invited healing spirits. A lovely blend of icaros, the Curanderos' spirit healing songs, will guide our journey as we venture beyond the ordinary together.

The morning after each ceremony, you will be awakened and refreshed by an invigorating fragrant flower bath administered by Don Rober and Doña Eliana in the classic Shamanic style with a Mapacho blessing and personal icaro.

We will be inspired and stimulated by facilitated group "talking stick" discussions the days after our ceremonies, sharing our intentions, experiences, visions, and impressions from preceding evenings. We will lend Shamanic interpretation to your recollections, which will grow clearer as you progress through the initiation, cleansing, healing, and integrative processes.

We will visit with our Bora and Kukama indigenous neighbors, sharing traditional dance and trading for their beautiful art and craftwork made entirely from natural rainforest resources. These people still live a traditional lifestyle although change is rapidly encroaching. You will find their friendly charm unforgettable. 


Additionally, our Shipibo artisans and neighbors will visit us during the retreat. The Shipibo are well-known for their intricate designs on their pottery and colorful fabrics depicting their Ayahuasca-based cosmology. During Ayahuasca retreats, SpiritQuest offers a unique opportunity to see and purchase examples of extraordinary colorful Ayahuasca embroidery and other fine arts and craft handmade by Shipibo artisans.

In the Peruvian Amazon, ancient mystical relationships with nature still thrive among those dedicated to the Ayahuasca culture. The SpiritQuest Natural Reserve is a prime area of old-growth rainforest where you will experience a rich diversity of plant and animal life. True Shamans are not only teachers and healers but also perennial seekers of natural and ancient knowledge and guardians of the natural treasures of the earth.


You will have opportunities for private consultation, guidance, and personalized healing throughout the retreat.


If you would like to join us for an upcoming retreat, please contact us here or send a personal introduction and statement of intention to Ms. Selva Lawler at In that email, please introduce yourself and pass along a statement of intention and/or request our application questionnaire for a specific, upcoming retreat.


We use a detailed written screening questionnaire to help us get acquainted with you and to assure your safety and suitability for our work. We are selective when it comes to accepting applicants. Accordingly, before you make any travel reservations, make sure that you receive an acceptance from SpiritQuest and that you complete all aspects of your registration.

"Respete el Sendero." ("Respect the Path.")
- Don Howard
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