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Huachuma Mesada Initiation Agenda:

The Original Chavín Renaissance

The central focus of our Huachuma retreat is 3 extraordinarily enlightening and deeply healing Huachuma (San Pedro) mesadas (ceremonies) in the ancient Chavín style, amidst the earthly natural power and verdant splendor of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. The 3 mesadas will engage the healing power and profoundly organic teachings of the great elemental Mother spirits of the Amazon:





Mother Spirit of the Water

The Lower World

Our Spiritual Birthing

Mesada of the Serpent





Mother Spirit of the Earth


The Middle World


Our Spiritual Realization

Mesada of the Jaguar





Mother Spirit of the Air

The Upper World

Our Spiritual Ascension

Mesada of the Eagle

You will gain new insight as to the cultural history, socio-spiritual influences, healing applications, and dynamically transformative nature of traditional Shamanic teacher-healer-ally plants of ancient Peru.

We will convene 3 transcultural mesadas in the ancient Chavín style. We will have a deeply profound and transformative communion with the spirits of Mother Nature and the Cosmos guided and instructed by the Grand Maestro Huachumán, the ancient Shamanic healer-teacher plant of coastal and Andean Peru.

Facilitated study and work with Huachuma at SpiritQuest provides an opportunity for intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, personal healing and empowerment, and experiential understanding of the belief systems and Shamanic cosmology of ancient peoples of Peru. Advanced intellectual, mental, spiritual, and physical preparation is required.

Some of the principles of core Shamanism we address include:

  • Concepts of Shamanic spirituality in Mother Nature and the Cosmos refining one’s personal relationship with the powers that be

  • Trance induction with rhythm and healing techniques empowering classical Shamanic journeying

  • The art of soplando (blowing away) evil and negative energy

  • Shamanic divination and precognition

  • Embracing rebirth as a new opportunity and a new lease on life

  • Realization and wise use of personal Shamanic power

  • Avoiding the perils of power, its abuses, and its consequences

  • Guiding the personal Shamanic journey

  • Group talking stick discussion circles about Amazonian-Andean Shamanic cosmology and its relevance to our modern times


Our Shamanic experiential retreats are among the best available, combining decades of applied experience and knowledge with impeccable integrity and commitment to your safety and positive holistic benefit.

The synergy between Ayahuasca and Huachuma, these ancient holistic Shamanic medicines, is powerful and transformative. The Whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. There is no better opportunity available anywhere for this kind of work.

Spiritness, clarity, balance, truth, healing, and inner peace can be realized through the profound healing and instruction of Huachuma. You need only bring noble intention, an open heart, a willingness to set aside the judgment of yourself and others, and a sincere desire to experience the Divine.

We will safely escort you into the spiritual world of traditional Peruvian sacred plant Shamanism. You will realize remarkable benefits and experiences if you come holistically prepared, willing to set aside conventional Western paradigms, and engage new ways of perceiving the worlds around and within you.

If you would like to join us for an upcoming retreat, please contact us here or send an email to Ms. Selva Lawler at In that email, please introduce yourself and pass along a statement of intention and/or request our application questionnaire for a specific, upcoming retreat.


We use a detailed written screening questionnaire to help us get acquainted with you and to assure your safety and suitability for our work. We are selective when it comes to accepting applicants. Accordingly, before you make any travel reservations, make sure that you receive an acceptance from SpiritQuest and that you complete all aspects of your registration.

"Huachuma is a lifetime lived in a single day."
- Don Howard
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