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  • Selva Lawler

#6 - Continuing the Work

Hermanos y hermanas,

Greetings from Peru! On Sunday, we recently concluded our first retreat since August. 

I reckon “concluded” is the wrong word. As Winston Churchill once said, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." It’s more like a commencement for our newest batch of SpiritQuest graduates. Some were receiving their first diplomas from the Sanctuary, whereas others were returning alums continuing their education. This graduating class was truly remarkable in so many ways, and all of them graduated with high distinction from the don Howard University of Higher Consciousness.

don Howard advised me several months ago, "I am still going to be at SpiritQuest in spirit. SpiritQuest will be exactly the same - there's not going to be any qualitative difference in SpiritQuest. Regardless of whether I am physically present at the Sanctuary or not, my work is still there. And all of the SpiritQuest family is carrying my work forward - both when they are at the Sanctuary and after people depart from the Sanctuary in the example they set in their lives." 

Not surprisingly, the Maestro hit the nail right on the head. The Sanctuary seems to possess certain quantum properties that operate far beyond the comprehension of my limited primate brain. Quantum mechanics reasons that particles can exist in two separate locations at once, as a shutter photon can be both “here” and “there” simultaneously. If during the plant medicine experiences time can dilate extremely or cease to have any meaning entirely, it makes complete sense to me that our beloved Gandalf can be in multiple places at the same time. 

We live in a topsy-turvy world, a universe, a multiverse, where it feels like the only constant is change. And yet, another undeniable constant is that the Sanctuary (a.k.a. Jedi Training Academy, The Amazonian Hogwarts) potentiates and brings out the best of everyone that is called to do the work there. 

Our group was an extraordinary assemblage of kindred spirits and really brought it the entire time. In channeling the heart consciousness, they worked through doubts, overcame obstacles, broke paradigms, and are already making enormous progress. And the best is yet to come! The lessons from these plant medicine master teachers are only 2% realized at the Sanctuary, as it’s a long download with super slow Peruvian internet speeds. I can’t wait to witness the other 98% that this sensational group will learn, unpack, and integrate in their lives moving forward. Sudden awakening, gradual cultivation. As all of you have previously graduated from a don Howard University of Higher Consciousness class, you know full well that these freshly minted alums are on the edge of a beautiful dream for the rest of their lives. Although there is homework involved - otherwise it wouldn’t be a real class - this work has staying power. It ages well and exports well. 

That’s not to diminish in any way the 2% that the group already been downloaded. The additional clarity imparted. The discarding of lots of unnecessary baggage and dead weight. The “Aha!” moments when someone unearthed the key to the locked door. The flashing of a smile and beaming of self-love that had been repressed for so long. That sense of connection, fellowship, and kinship from a diverse set of people from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all ages, and all different parts of the globe coming together and forming a family in such a short window of time. It’s such a privilege to witness all of this begin to unfold.

Of course, we’re all simultaneously Maestros and apprentices, and I learned an enormous amount of lessons from the group. They’ve expanded my consciousness, and brought love, teachings, and heart to the SpiritQuest circle. All of this gives life much more meaning, and I’m humbled and thankful to be a small part of it. 

I further appreciate all of the love, support, and beautiful messages that so many of you passed along to me! As Paul Selig writes, “what you bless blesses you," so please know that I reciprocate and extend all of the blessings from both myself and the Sanctuary right back at you! 

Our next retreat begins this Saturday. Our amazing staff is likely cleaning out the don Rober certified purge buckets as we speak. We’ll keep raising the bar here at SpiritQuest, and I’ll do my best to keep being a better version of myself. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, and there’s no better place for me to level up than the Sanctuary.

In short, the work - el trabajo - continues. Although the SpiritQuest way has not and never will be self-promotional, we deeply appreciate and are grateful for recommendations and referrals from our alums. If anyone you know is looking to do some work, our list of upcoming programming can be found on our website. We'll keep moving forward at the Sanctuary, heart forward and head up like don Howard says. A thousand points of light is how you light up the world, and we'll keep doing our part in turning on the lights one kindred spirit at a time.

Much love and respect, fam!

Warriors' hearts beat as one, -Parker


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