Jon Fisher

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The spirit of Chavín is alive and well at SpiritQuest. The traditions and rituals that created an awakening of consciousness have been carefully curated and preserved by the Maestros and Maestras of this beautiful place.

When we first arrived and Parker said, "Welcome Home!", I did not understand at the time how right he was. If home is where the heart is, then SpiritQuest is home. Because it was at SpiritQuest that I found the path back to my heart.

Don Howard wasn't there in his physical form, but he was definitely there in Spirit. From every ceremony, Icaro, and blessing, Don Howard's presence was felt.

But probably most of all, Don Howard was present at the Sanctuary through his daughter, Selva. Being a part of Selva's first Huachuma ceremony was something I will never forget. This young woman held court and guided us through a lifetime that day. It was perfect, and she was perfect.

Don Howard can rest easy knowing that the work he dedicated his life to is in the most capable of hands with Selva, Parker, Don Rober, Doña Eliana, and Don Carlos.

The staff works tirelessly to make sure you have everything you need to do the work.

All you need to do is show up with the right intention and be a blank slate.

Enjoy the ride!

Paul H.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Huachuma ceremonies at SpiritQuest are the best-kept secrets on Planet Earth. Experiencing the power of Huachuma once again leaves me in awe and perplexed at how something so heart-opening that brings on so many exclamations of “this is the best day of my life!” has not gone viral. The sheer mastery of the Mesa and command of the mesadas by Don Howard’s daughter and protégé Selva was the stuff of legend. Parker told me she was extraordinary, but I think he undersold her. This stunningly beautiful goddess in the Don Howard/Chavín tradition stares you down in preparation for your turn to drink the medicine with a searing gaze that is backed by the power of 10,000 suns. The mastery of the rhythms of the Huachuma bells and feathers is next level as your consciousness alters, and I felt so light as to start levitating at the head of the Mesa.

The biggest difference between Don Howard and his daughter Selva’s mesadas is that Don Howard was full of grandfather wisdom. Sitting in with him in ceremony was like a class with a master of life. The teaching and learning opportunities, if you paid attention, were invaluable. It was also quite evident that Don Howard is still there in spirit, in more ways than you think, and is ingrained in the overall visionary structure of SpiritQuest in both the program agenda and the way everything is laid out. Selva has been taught everything Don Howard knew, and she is obviously a bright student who picked up on her father’s teachings over the course of their time together. In that respect there is no difference in the ceremony and the way it is conducted; in fact, I would go as far as saying with Selva’s youthful exuberance the energy in the maloca is palpable and you can cut it with a knife. I would further say the whole mesada compared between the two is different in that the feminine energy Selva brings to the Mesa is off the charts and not to be missed in this lifetime. 

Cain Dover

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

During a Huachuca mesada, Aubrey Marcus was riding in a boat with Don Howard when he was faced with the undeniable fact that Don Howard (as we all are) is human, and his body will eventually transition. Don Howard communicated with Aubrey without speaking, simply responding, "where do you think I'm going, brother?"

Well, Don Howard was right about that. Although his body may have transitioned in October of 2019, Don Howard is still ever-present at SpiritQuest and wholeheartedly within his daughter and protegé, Selva.

I had heard about Selva's Huachuma mesada from a previous SpiritQuest graduate that was lucky enough to be a participant in Selva's first Huachuma mesada. His feedback was that Selva effortlessly controlled the room and her wisdom literally floored the jaws of everyone present. I tried to not have any expectations coming to SpiritQuest, but with a recommendation like that, I was very much looking forward to the experience.

Attending Selva's Huachuma mesadas, I witnessed this woman - the embodiment of youthful, jungle energy and the wisdom of her father - perfectly execute the ceremonies. Her eye contact deeply cuts into your soul, and her presence is so grounding. Witnessing Selva in her craft, having learned everything her father taught her, I felt like Selva was born for this. It appeared she had been holding Huachuma mesadas for over 50 years. I felt like I could completely let go, being in the care of such a great teacher. Every once in a while, I remembered that she is still so young, and as Don Howard stated, "she's only going to get better."  How she could possibly get better...I do not know. What I do know is if everyone could experience Selva's Huachuma, the world would be a very different place.

Much love familia!

Megan Christensen

Boulder, Colorado, USA


SpiritQuest helped me to change my life. When we filmed the documentaries at SpiritQuest, I was in a dark place. I was filled with despair, hopelessness, and fear. I was torn between accepting an early end to my life and fighting for another chance. The scale could have tipped either way, and with the help of my brother, Dan, Aubrey, and Don Howard, I made the choice to keep fighting. It was a long and arduous road, however, resilience has a way of eroding our weaker characteristics, habits, and patterns, in order to shape us into who we are meant to be. I believe these powerful and potent medicines breed resilience, along with truth. These characteristics, a gift I received from SpiritQuest, helped me to become who I am today. I still have a ways to go, as Don Howard said, "It only gets deeper," and "There's always more." However, I am so far from where I used to be. The fire has returned to my soul and the light to my eyes. SpiritQuest helped me to restore the love in my heart and determination in my step. I would not be where I am and who I am today were it not for Don Howard and his amazing tribe of beautiful souls." 

Spirit quest -2451.jpg

Esther Rouah

London, England


"My Time in Paradise"


As soon as I arrived at SpiritQuest Sanctuary, I felt like I was back home. Parker, Don Rober and the whole team made me feel so safe and supported. We helped cook the Mother Brew and got to bring to it our intentions. It felt so good to be part of this process. The whole experience was magical, and I was able to go very far in my journey. Like a Quantum leap! Don Rober and Doña Elaina's work of Love and Light is impeccable and really inspired me. I had been to other retreats in Peru the previous years, but what I experienced at SpiritQuest was incomparable. A true work of Art on all levels. 

This experience carried on in my "real" life for long afterwards and allowed me to completely transform my life in the best way possible. I couldn’t be more grateful for Don Howard, Don Rober, Parker, and the whole team. SpiritQuest Sanctuary has become my second home. I left a piece of my heart there intentionally so I would never have to fully leave, or so I could always return in Spirit when I felt the need. The Sanctuary is the only place I want to carry on doing this work in the future. I am so happy we crossed paths...this was a true blessing! 

Chad Shoemaker

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


I went into last night’s ceremony meditating on four phrases, “Don Howard-isms” that had been offered up by Parker throughout the week. I am an empty vessel. Head high and heart forward. I intend to fully integrate the human. Unconditional love. The previous three sessions had been interesting yet challenging, and I’d felt a subtle shift with each, but no big reveal. This time, Mother Ayahuasca did not disappoint.

I was not to see this big reveal immediately, though. My focus deep and my will strong, I soon became disheartened, as I entered another challenging, draining landscape of lower creatures. It felt like an insect world, the grass tall and me helpless, reduced to base, emotionless survival. My body was doubled over, my muscles once again taxed to the point of exploding, a frightening repeat of the previous night’s ceremony.

Insect chirping and chatter filled my ears. Contoured, H.R. Geiger-esque landscapes teemed with snakes and lizards, and strobing lights throbbed and pulsed. Same as the past three sessions, I asked myself, “Why did I come to this hell? Why would I do this to myself?”

This went on for nearly an hour, discomfort, cold sweats, barely able to hold myself in my chair. In a moment of clarity, the words "She makes you sick before she makes you well" appeared in my head.

Finally, with great relief, I was able to sit back in the chair without nausea. The first icaros held me together by a thread.

Once the first round of icaros stopped, my visions stopped simultaneously. Solace! This was very brief, but represented a turning point. I was finally resting back comfortably in my chair. The visions started again, but this time with gentler, albeit vivid, colors. I was no longer in the insect realm.

I began to ride a rollercoaster through visions I can’t remember. At the climax, though, I drifted briefly through the nursery of creation, a cloud of stardust filling me with wonder.

Then things got really intense, and that’s saying a lot, because the whole thing to this point was as, or more, extreme as anything I’ve ever experienced. I was transported to the edge of the universe, where I glimpsed the golden machines of creation grinding out the fabric of the universe, an infinite work in progress. I was in awe, my breath in tune with the breath of the eternal cosmos.

I reached my hand to my heart, and felt it throbbing, warming, coated in a healing balm or nectar that energized and nourished. The throbbing, the warmth intensified, and my body floated out of the chair and up into a nebulous heaven of radiant golds and blues. My jaw was slack, my third eye wide. It was as though all of the energy in the universe was concentrated on my heart, healing me on every level. 

I was continually raised up into the heavens, my heart near-bursting with love, raising into a crescendo of what I can only describe as an INFINITE HEART-GASM.

Drifting down, my heart swelled and teeming, I was back on the rollercoaster. This dipped up and down through the Halls of Eternity, a shimmering, intricate clockwork landscape. The rollercoaster once again climaxed, this time at the edge of the Godhead, the lip of Infinite Ecstasy. I shuddered with awe and reverence.

From there, the trip began to devolve, almost as if defragmenting. Shards of gold, silver, and platinum machinery unlocked like geared puzzles being disassembled. The chirping and chatter of the jungle grew louder and more intense. I began to hear an owl creature hooting in the distance. It kept getting closer. I felt that it sensed my vulnerability and was attempting to do something evil, but the icaros kept me safe.

All of this continued for some time, to the point of discomfort. I was ready for the end, but Mother Ayahuasca was not.

Eventually, the discomfort subsided, just before Don Rober finished the last icaros and the altar candle was lit. I was laid out in my chair, still buzzing and reeling with the sheer weight of the whole thing. My breath was deep but stunted, in tune with the ecstatic glow and pulse of my filled, healed heart. 

I barely slept. I lay in a dream-like state with the buzz and awe and glow of it all. I had several fits of weeping.

It was stunning how it all came together over the week. Each ceremony seemingly unproductive, or not quite living up to the experiences and tales of others, the stories that brought me here on this pilgrimage. I realize now they were all just steps in the process, a part of the path to this wonderful, intense communion with God and healing of my heart.

Bryce Rankin

San Francisco, California, USA


Mi Hermano Parker,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and the entire team at SpiritQuest for an amazing and truly transformative experience. I have been meaning to write this email for weeks now, however I have been traveling still as well as waiting to see how the effects of my experience settle with me.

I felt an incredible glow and sense of serenity and enlightenment at the Sanctuary and my historically skeptical mind was looking for all of the reasons why it may be superficial. Perhaps it was being immersed in a beautiful place for a week. Perhaps it was the incredible group of open and loving people that I was surrounded by. Perhaps it was the isolation from the stress and responsibilities of the outside world. Perhaps in some ways I was still in the medicine. I found myself wondering if when I returned to "reality" all of these lessons would fade. I wondered if the "rationality" of the modern world would ground me back to a non-spiritual state (or at least less so). I wondered if life would show me reasons why the truths which had been revealed to me were less profound and wise than I had thought. I wondered if it would all amount to a good dream.

I can say now that I have returned that what I experienced in the Sanctuary, the serenity, the peace, the optimism, the joy, the excitement, the love, the inspiration, the happiness, the energy, the positivity, and the will to be better and bring others with me is now my new reality. With every passing day, the revelations and the lessons that were shown to me at the Sanctuary become more and more permanent in my state of being. Even returning to the busy hustle-and-bustle of daily life, I find myself laughing at things that used to stress me out. My co-workers have been casting a suspicious gaze upon me, wondering why I'm no longer angry about anything. People still walk on eggshells around me, expecting to encounter the same sharp and unforgiving person they once knew, and are shocked and confused when they are instead met with a gentle smile. One of my co-workers jokingly said that I'm "enlightened" now, which though it humorous to both him and I, speaks to the obvious changes this process has awoken in me.

Though all of these things are amazingly and overwhelmingly positive for me, there is no denying that I am still a work in progress. I still find myself responding to old triggers with a formerly programmed knee-jerk reaction, but I am now quick to recognize it and steer myself back to calm. I still feel old anxieties about life, purpose, relationships, ambition, work, education, and my path all creeping in as they used to, however these are no longer things that consume me. Where I used to spend hours and days and weeks (months even) caught in a fog of uncertainty, I now have a deep sense of peace and acceptance about the fact that my life will play itself out in exactly the way it is supposed to and I don't need to have all the answers right now; you might even call that surrender.

There were periods in the last few years where I would enter deep states of sadness and hopelessness about life. There were periods where I wondered if this life thing was for me and if I even wanted to continue to participate. There were times I would curse the world, the sky, the earth, all of the people in it, and especially myself for not giving me an answer to my unhappiness. I thought I would never know myself, that I would never find my path, that I would wander lost in the desert, never to find water and to slowly wither away into non-existence. I was losing my will to be alive. The lessons and blessings that were laid upon me at the Sanctuary have in many ways saved my life. I feel like I see the world and myself with fresh eyes. My old childhood friends happiness, excitement, and hope are all with me again. I have a love for people that feels foreign to me in the best possible way. I have a love for myself I don't think I have ever experienced. I am eagerly inviting people into my heart and allowing them to see me as I am.

I am certain that life will continue to test me. It cannot all be sunshine and rainbows. This being said, I now have the tools to weather the storms; I now have the skills to sail my ship through choppy seas and back into the warm sun and the calm waters of the open oceans. With a warriors spirit, I am ready to take on life's hardships. This, however, will not be a fight. This will be a dance. A gentle give and take of the good and the bad and everything in between. With grace and serenity I will approach every move and do my best to move in harmony with life, with love, with heart, with my lessons I've learned and those which will continue to be revealed. I will not be perfect, but no man will. I will not known everything, but no man will. I will not live a "perfect" life, but my life will be exactly perfect for me.

I am so unbelievably grateful for my time at the Sanctuary. You officiated our experience with an amazing grace and brought a group of strange, mismatched, apprehensive, and uncertain souls into alignment with each other in a way unique to any experience I've had. You have a calming, understanding, and open presence that allows everybody to be themselves. You have a compassion and light that shines near blindingly bright and you will continue to positively change the lives of everyone you touch. Though I have not spent much time with Don Howard, I know that his dream is in the best hands with you and I cannot think of a person more suited for your role than the person you already are.

SpiritQuest changed my life. It gave me life back. It gave me love. I will be forever grateful, and I will certainly be back.

Tu Hermano De Por Vida,


Connor Rankin

Los Angeles, California, USA

I went to SpiritQuest to open my heart and become of greater service to the world. The masterfully designed experience there - food, medicine, interaction, accommodation, activities, culture - overdelivered and my quest to find my spirit was successful. The most touching part was not my own transformation, but that of my beloved brother who has fully put his darker days in the past. We will most certainly be returning. We immensely cherish our special time there. 

Cain Dover

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia



San Francisco, California, USA

SpiritQuest is truly a magical place - the exceptional people, the profound mission ("Para El Bien De Todos!"), the stunning scenery, and the commitment to excellence all come together in a beauty that is ineffable. I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended and the lessons learned have helped me grow and become of greater service. I cherish the time spent at SpiritQuest and look forward to returning many times in the years ahead.

Thank you so much for the love and inspiration!


Prague, Czech Republic

I spent an incredible two weeks at your retreat and would like you to know how much I appreciated your warm hospitality, friendly staff, delicious food, and other facilities. My experience here was rich and beneficial, and I am very grateful to everyone.

Dara Lehrer

Boulder, Colorado, USA

My journey at SpiritQuest three years ago completely permeated the course and rhythm of my life. The magic of Don Rober's medicine blooms in such mysterious ways - I perpetually feel like I have just only started to truly understand and integrate the magnitude of healing I received from my time in the jungle. It's strange to realize that my mind now works in a different way than it used to, my body has healed in so many ways, my path in this lifetime clearer every day.


My initial expectation of the timeline and method through which I would receive healing from the medicine and my actual experience were very different - I could not have even fathomed how deep it would go. I still don't think I can quite fathom it... but then again, I have stopped trying to.

This beautiful center lovingly created by Don Howard is an asset to this world, and I feel truly honored to be a recipient of his wisdom and light. I know his legacy will live on through his successor Parker who, from the moment I met him, demonstrated a love and reverence for Don Howard second to none.

SpiritQuest is a gem in and of the heart of the jungle. If you can make it happen, go!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have been four times to the Sanctuary and when they say it is work, they are not kidding. It is not a drop in centre but a retreat where they take total care of all your personal needs for the duration, so you can do the work that you came here to do.

They are masters at what they do and there is a carefully constructed program in place to get you on your way towards a change in consciousness to propel you towards that ideal the inner calling within hinted at. In fact if the Grinch would have found SpiritQuest when he was younger he wouldn’t have developed into the curmudgeon he became; instead he would have opened that heart up long ago.

There are other places you can go and drink Ayahuasca or Huachuma/San Pedro. I’ve done that but I’ll always return to the Sanctuary because of their profound understanding that it’s not all in the cup and it’s ultimately the results that are worth the candle. As well, I think a largely overlooked aspect of this work is intention and ritual. Everyone who comes to the Sanctuary is asked to meditate on their intention for entering into this work and because of that discovers why exactly they are here drinking plant medicines. This is huge because the experience is not for fun or adventure; instead, the master plant medicines and shamans are profound teachers and healers. Further to that is the ritual and ceremony which are second to none and performed by masters of their craft at SpiritQuest. Anyone can down a cup of the brew but to do it within an atmosphere that envelops you in the mystery and then potentially reveals the mystery to you through the symbolic is a gift beyond any monetary value.

Para el bien de todos! Desde el corazón!

Lysh Faulder

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I had been called to work with Ayahuasca for the last 10 years and I’m beyond grateful that the opportunity had finally fallen into place for me. I knew that my time would come and I couldn't be more happy that my first experience wound up being held at the SpiritQuest Sanctuary. My partner had gone the year before and had spoken very highly of the individuals who had worked there. I was so moved by his stories and the way he talked about Don Howard and the Sanctuary. I couldn't wait to take on my own adventure of the Amazon rainforest. I remember feeling the love and energy months prior to coming. I still haven't had the chance of meeting Don Howard but I could deeply sense his presence while being there. When first arriving at the Sanctuary it was everything I imagined and more. I was in awe, the time and effort that was used to build such an incredible space. For all of us to join together, as a family to help raise the consciousness of our planet. What an incredible mission. I'm blessed I was able to be a part of it. 

The way everything is structured and so thought out is truly remarkable. A true wizard must have created this place! There was no doubt that my journey into the Amazon was going to be extraordinary. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to join me this January, being able to have such an awesome tight-knit circle to share our stories and experiences together. I’ve never felt such unconditional love from people I don’t know. Parker and the staff did an amazing job at making me feel safe. Being out in the middle of the Amazon that is full of so much life can be somewhat intimidating for someone who has never been there before. But sure enough, during each meal, each ceremony, each flower bath and tribal gathering. I couldn’t help but feel like I had gone home. Had I been here before? 

Each ceremony was played out so beautifully. Don Rober and his family will forever hold a special place in my heart. Being able to witness/feel the incredible dance that they’ve created together with mother Ayahuasca reminded me of the important bond I have within my own family. The icaros played such an important part of my journey, helping guide the medicine throughout my body. I’m sure past/future SpiritQuest graduates feel the same about these songs that were sung. Other than drinking the brew in itself, for me I thought that I was going to struggle more than I did during my ceremonies but she wound up being quite kind to me. The dieta that we took on prior to going to Peru I’m sure played a big part in this. 

For the final ceremony about an hour after they lit the candle, a huge thunderstorm had come through. The amount of energy that was flowing through that rainforest was absolutely breathtaking. What an incredible way to have ended our last ceremony together. She just came on through the rainforest and helped us wash away anything else that we needed to let go of. I’ve never felt so cleansed before in my life. I came out of the Amazon feeling like I was reborn again. 

In all honesty, the hardest part of it has been learning how to integrate the lessons I’ve learned into my daily life. I’ve taken about a couple months off work to really allow myself to sit with my experiences and am forever feeling the medicine work within me. Making me stronger, wiser, more intuitive and awakened. Seeing life with a whole new perspective and meaning. Learning how to dance during the good and bad times. Amongst many great lessons, the biggest thing that I have taken from being out at SpiritQuest is to continue remembering who I am. To remember who we all are. To remember that we are the creators of our own lives and that we have created everything that lays before us. The power is within me; it is within all of us, to make the changes we need in order for us to live a life full of purpose, meaning and love. The answer was within me all along. I am an Artist, I am a Creator and I am a Warrior of Love.

I would further like to mention how blessed I am for being a part of Parker’s first group. With Don Howard not being able to attend I was saddened to know that I wasn’t able to meet the true genius behind the Don Howard School of Hard Knocks, haha. But Parker blew me and the whole group away. With his kind demeanor, brilliant citations and confident yet calm presence I’m so glad we got to be a part of Parker’s new exciting journey. Thank you for continuing to keep in touch with all of us, by writing and sharing your own unique story. Thank you for being the bright light that you are. SpiritQuest is in great hands. 

See you again soon familia!


San Diego, California, USA

SpiritQuest is a special place. Its founder, Don Howard Lawler, created a Sanctuary where you are truly held in a safe and loving container to experience your experience with the medicine. Don Rober, his wife Doña Eliana, and their son Don Carlos sing icaros that guide you through the stages of healing. The supreme integrity of Don Howard and his vision is carried forward by the staff at Spirit Quest.

I had the honor of being in ceremony with Parker Sherry. His full-hearted reverence for Don Howard and this work really embodies “Para El Bien De Todos." I give SpiritQuest my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to look at themselves in a deeper way and is ready to take that step.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA

After 7 years of interest in working with Ayahuasca, I was fortunate to have found SpiritQuest. I knew the importance of set and setting as the precondition to have an impactful and healing experience.  I became aware of the rise in “ayahuasca tourism” which leads to many issues and dangers around this plant work. There are plenty of people and places that facilitate this work who lack qualification and integrity. This can be very dangerous and the issue is only increasing.  However, there are people and places with high integrity who are qualified to conduct this work if you do your research.  

I never imagined I would find such a beautiful place with people of such integrity, knowledge and experience. Don Howard created the perfect healing sanctuary. His integrity and desire to serve are apparent in every aspect of SpiritQuest. "Para El Bien De Todos” is the underlying ethos and intention at SpiritQuest. It’s not just what's in the cup. The ability to surrender and be completely vulnerable while working with plant medicines is fundamental. The environment allowed for surrender and vulnerability. 

We were immersed in the jungle with plenty of time for solitude and self-reflection between ceremonies with no cell phones or typical distractions. The talking circles were just as much of a potent medicine as the plant work itself. They allowed for vulnerable sharing and connection between everyone which created deep and empathetic bonds. I had no idea how powerful these sharing circles would be. 

Since leaving the Sanctuary, I have had the opportunity to connect and meet many people whom have all been to SpiritQuest over the years, some multiple times. Everyone speaks so highly of their experiences. Many of them I will be friends with for life. 

I have had the unique opportunity to get know Don Howard very deeply. He needed to receive treatment for a rare disorder in Arizona which is where I reside. I allowed him and his family to live in my home to make things easier on them. I am forever thankful to know him and his family and to have been able to serve them. I witnessed his love and compassion on an even deeper level and got to learn so much about who he is. I could only dream to be a man with such integrity and compassion.  

He created SpiritQuest out of love and a passion for serving others. I love him like a father, brother and dear friend.


Para el bien de todos!

Robbie E.

Cameron, Illinois, USA

It’s hard to put the feelings I have (and the smile that goes along with them) onto paper here. But, I would just like to give the deepest and most sincere thanks to you all. You made me feel at home here, as you say, “parte de la familia.” My experiences I have had here will undoubtedly help me grow as a person for a long time after my departure. This trip and the friendships I have developed will last forever. I am excited to see what direction my “cleansed soul and attitude” will take me. I am confident it will always lead me down the correct path and ultimately back home here at the retreat someday soon.

Otra vez, muchas gracias y adios. Ustedes estan en mi mente y corazon para siempre!

Jay L.

Rohovot, Israel

Your retreat is the home of angels. And the Ayahuasca helps reveal the beauty you have created. I can’t discriminate between the wonders of ayahuasca and the wonders of the Amazon experience you provide. Both have brought me closer to God and to myself and to my family. SpiritQuest is not simply the opportunity to open to the angels, it is the opportunity to open oneself to love.

My deep appreciation to you and all the SpiritQuest family. God has given you all a mission that you are fulfilling. Thank God for all of us.

Andrew McCormick



Dear SpiritQuest,

I trust all is well in your world.

Nearly a year since I last saw you on the Journey. I just want to let you know what a profound effect you and Don Rober have had on my life. When I first arrived I had succumbed to the matrix and was living a lie, physically a mess, belligerently conforming. I had lost my mojo.

Although the last year has been challenging to say the least, I feel the constant connection with the teaching plants and have renewed strength and courage to face the world I am creating. My physical body has healed and become strong and life has become fascinating as I learn to integrate the downloads and widen my perspective. I have come across other ceremonies and teachers and feel most blessed to have such a wonderful foundation that you provided to allow me to see things how they really are.

Eternally grateful. Thank you once again.

James P. Gore

New Jersey, USA

Words can hardly express the transformation I have experienced since the Ayahuasca ceremonies at the SpiritQuest Sanctuary. Before I arrived there my life was in disarray, my mind cluttered with confusion. I was on overload and felt like everything was caving in around me. It was like I had no control.

But since completing the work there I am now able to see, think, and act more focused, more rationally, on nearly everything life seems to throw my way. I feel a more positive flow of energy all around me and I’ve seemed to gain the ability to withstand quite a bit more of life’s “negativity”. What happened to me was a very Spiritual and Mental life-changing event. It is something I would truly recommend to anyone who has ever felt the way I have.


Don Howard, my friend, I am privileged to have met you and to have gone through what I had there in Peru with your intellectual, passionate, and caring guidance. You are more than just a friend, you are like family.

And to Don Rober, Doña Eliana, and all of the staff, my warmest thanks for making my experience so “Perfect” I will never forget you, as I am reminded of my journey by reflecting on all the strength you helped me to gain in my life. 

Peace and Love,




It’s been barely a week since I left the Amazon and I’m already missing the Sanctuary. I just wanted to let you know that my trip to Peru was the single most transformative, empowering and positive trip I’ve ever had. The lessons from Ayahuasca have resonated and stuck with me, and I no longer feel chronically depressed as I did before the trip.

By the way, I did a blood test a few days ago and my liver inflammation is at the lowest it’s ever been. I think it’s safe to say that Ayahuasca had a part to play in that. Once again, thank you so much for everything. I will be back!

Best regards,


Gary & Jaqueline

Washington, USA


Dear SpiritQuest,

The words aren’t coming. What we have shared is truly beyond words or concepts of any kind. I have received so much from you and the Divine that flows through you. My heart is overflowing – and Life is now overflowing with effortless Love.

Great Heart blessings to you, your family, the Sanctuary, and all who come.

It has been (and will continue to be) a sublime privilege.

I am sure you understand that there is no way to put into words our deep gratitude for your graciousness, wisdom, skill, and generosity. I am not sure if the life-altering impact of spending time at the Sanctuary is actually fully due to intentionality and the strength of the medicine. I credit a large part of it to your virtuoso ability to be a living channel for the vision of Chavín and your ability to teach others how to open their hearts. You are the best…

As you can imagine, re-entering our world has been challenging because so much of our lives, especially our professional lives, revolve around the constant use of the mind. It is shocking how little room there is for the heart and how easy it is to fall into old patterns. However, because we shared this experience we can help each other and I have written about 40 pages of text to date and I still have not finished. So we do have those resources, in addition to the inner ones.

At present, some of the issues we discussed in our initial consultation have shown signs of movement, and I am pleased about this. I look forward to continued evolution in these areas, now that I have new perspectives with which to view them.

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing time we experienced at the Sanctuary… and for all you do.

With love and respect,

Gary & Jaqueline

Megan Braet

Boulder, Colorado, USA

It has been just over 3 weeks since being home from Peru and as Don Howard says, “It is not all in the cup.” The changes and transformations in my life continue to unfold. The medicine brought me to a place where I was able to see myself more clearly. To see my dreams and full potential illuminated and at the same time, to see my own self-imposed limitations and the areas in my life where I am blocked and need to grow in order to fulfill them. I feel more alive, clear and present than ever before.

My old insecurities and anxieties are fading as my confidence and courage continue to expand. Yes! I have been potentiated and my life will thankfully never be the same again.

Thank you Don Rober, Thank you Don Howard! Your teachings are a true gift and your knowledge of the benevolent, wise teaching plants is impeccable!

Lilian H.

New York City, New York, USA

SpiritQuest is a beginning for me, the beginning of an endless exploration of the self and other, I have learned the lesson of a true warrior, the one who dares to dream their own awakening, the one who cannot fear the death of what is not real and what is real grows infinitely. I have searched all my life for a glimpse of a truth only to find it deep within myself whether it is healing or love and to surrender to one’s higher purpose and destiny. This would not have been possible without all the wonderful people I met in the Amazon, the shamans and you have been truly inspiring and I would say thank you and that my experience in the Amazon has surpassed my expectations. I look forward to my next visit with all of you.

All the best,

Lilian H.

Jennifer C.

Detroit, Michigan, USA

This was the greatest adventure I have ever had. The jungle is beautiful and the people even more so. I will keep this experience with me always, remembering the great walks and the boat rides! It is a truly spiritual excursion and we in good and caring hands with Don Howard and the curanderos uncovering the path for us all.

Brandi B.

Austin, Texas, USA

Amazing how all I’ve been looking for has been found now within myself. Thank you for showing me how to see even with my eyes closed, and how to listen without my ears. The whole adventure could not have been more perfect, with the scenery, the loving people, and the music of nature. With all the love I have found within myself I give to you, Don Howard, your family, and your staff.

David S.

Irvine, California, USA

What an amazing journey. The relaxed, loving and supportive atmosphere of the Sanctuary provided the perfect setting for the deep transformative work I was seeking. From the moment our boat drew closer to the Sanctuary, I knew I was stepping into something very special.

The staff’s tireless service (the food was delicious and the rooms were always well prepared), the awe-inspiring icaros by Don Rober and family, and your personal encouraging and uplifting guidance were just what I needed.

I’m incredibly grateful and happy to have met and experienced the loving, challenging, supportive, and courageous work you’re facilitating. With you as a model, as my body/mind/spirit continues to strengthen and open, I feel much more comfortable letting go and stepping into my new more Empowered and Loving Role.

This, in addition to the shared experience with the fellow travelers, made for a truly magical experience that will have long-lasting and far-reaching benefits. 

Thank you one and all for the heart-opening experience.

In deep gratitude,

David S.

Kathy H.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

My experience here will forever live for me in my heart. I leave fresh and new. The people here have opened their hearts to me and I feel as though I have come home. You are all truly my family. In the place where there is no time we will be together. It has been a privilege to be here. Don Howard, thank you for taking such good care of us…thank you for watching over us during the Ayahuasca nights. All Glory to Ayahuasca!

Keith H.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The SpiritQuest exceeded all my expectations. It was a beautiful experience by day and by night. I truly came to appreciate these new worlds you so safely introduced me to. Thank you for all the care and thoughtfulness you put in our stay here in the Amazon paradise. I will carry this experience in my heart, my body, my soul and my mind. I look forward to visiting again in this reality and in the flight of my dreams.

John Castelli

Brooklyn, New York, USA

This has been my second SpiritQuest journey, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s been even more invigorating, more enlightening than the first. I believe the effects of these retreats are cumulative. I’ve never felt more aware of or in touch with my own personal center. I’ve never had such clarity of vision to see what really matters in this life. My faith in life and love, my belief in the fact that life is good, has been restored. Life is a blessing so profound it’s almost overwhelming to consider! I had forgotten this fact, lost sight of what life was meant to be. I had boiled life’s purpose down to a quantifiable measure. In short, I had reduced my life’s worth to dollars and cents, literally. That theory no longer applies. I think I’ve tasted true freedom for the first time, and man, how sweet it is!

I want to send a huge “Thank You!” to all who have contributed to SpiritQuest, but most importantly, to Don Howard. I think you’re offering a gift of truly phenomenal proportion.

Gary S.

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Muchas gracias to everyone! Wow, I have been reborn here! Ayahuasca is the Fountain of Youth. Totally awesome. Everything on the SpiritQuest website is true as gold. For all those thinking of coming here read carefully everything and follow all the recommendations. If you prepare properly, you will be rewarded.

I have been blessed by God, seen and felt beauty beyond anything words can describe. Follow the diet, be true to your intent, have faith and you will experience the power and glory of Ayahuasca.

Everything about SpiritQuest is fantastic. The people here and friends I have met will forever be in my heart. The curanderos are wizards. I love you all and will miss my home here in paradise.

Thanks again, and again, Don Howard, all the wonderful cooks and helpers...you are doing a very special and sacred work here by helping human beings become true sons and daughters of the Great Spirit. Keep up the great work here. Good luck with all your future goals and aspirations and God bless you all.

Rosemary F.

San Diego, California, USA

You have opened your hearts and given us your love many fold. I feel that I have another familia here in Peru. you all have made this such an enriching week that when I think of my home I will think of all of you. Peru and the Amazonia is my home. She has been calling me for so long and I am ready to answer her call. My spirit soars like the Condor and my heart is so full of love. I will forever have you in my heart and soul. And I will be back, for Peru will call me again to deepen my relationship with the magic of the rainforest and the people of Peru. I Love You All.


Many blessings in the Heart Light,

Rosemary F.

Tifany T.

Calabas, California, USA

Thank you so much for your infinite love and support. I feel that I have a second family hidden in the heart of the Amazon. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. This was an eye-opening experience which I will never forget. You are all such beautiful people and the world is brighter with you in it.

Love always,

Tiffany T.

Jo Anne

Minneapolis, Minnisota, USA

We are slowly adjusting to our ordinary lives. Our stay may have been short, but it affected us profoundly. Our friends and relatives are most interested and we stress the love and caring we experienced. It really was like therapy. I cherish the connection we made.

Joel S.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Muchas gracias para todo. You are doing very important work in an arena that takes much courage. There is a growing insanity on the planet in the way humans are interacting with the land, the critters, each other, and the other dimensions. You are providing a rare and precious opportunity for a most fortunate number of us to experience deeply, all the way inside to the cellular level, a window of understanding that can support a force for positive change. Many blessings to you, that you maintain the vision, integrity, and passion necessary to continue this work for many years to come.

Much love,

Joel S.

Steve P.

London, England

I came to the Amazon from the jungle that is London via the mountains of Quechuan Peru, a journey of many miles in distance that sometimes seems even further in culture and spirit. Here I found not what I thought I was looking for – that changed almost day by day. Instead, I felt a real sense of fellowship and friendship, of family and commonality. To everyone who looked after us so well, I offer many, deepfelt thanks. I will hold a place for all of you in my heart, look forward to seeing you all again, and hope that others will get hope and fulfillment from their visits here. To those future visitors, I offer the observation that the ayahuasca experience can be both difficult and challenging, but the comradeship that are forged through it are valuable indeed. I almost departed after my first ceremony. Yet I am glad to have shared so much here and look forward to even more to come. The path of life has many turnings. Hasta la vista!

Jove F.

Valdez, Alaska, USA

The experience of a lifetime awaits others through the people that surround SpiritQuest. You come as yourself and you are reborn. The people are friendly and insightful. I have learned that material possessions are not all that there is to life and it's your soul that makes you happy. I am forever changed. For all those that follow me hang on, it’s a hell of a ride.

Phyllis I.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I came for a SpiritQuest. I got that and much more. You have each been a blessing in so many ways. Much thanks for all your efforts to make this a wonderful experience. May your lives be filled with love, and happiness.

Anna S.

Washington, D.C., USA

Thank you so much for the experience. Going into it, I hoped to get insight on shamanic customs and learn about the flow of life in ways similar to what I have been doing over my course of study in college. I never expected to have such a life-altering experience, to come face to face with the Divine. I thank you a million times for opening my eyes to that other dimension. I owe everything to your guidance and help and comfort.

Everyone here has been sweet and generous, and I feel right at home – I don’t want to leave! I feel privileged to have worked with Hermana Mari and Don Roberto. They are truly incredible individuals with an amazing gift. Gracias to all the staff and to you for running this great program.


You guys have been my family for the past two weeks, and will surely remember this experience forever. Thank you!

"You and I, we're on the Long Road together."
- Don Howard