Maestro of the Huachuma Mesada 
Don Howard Choque Chinchay

Don Howard Choque Chinchay is a genuine maestro chakaruna curandero (bridge teacher healer)  in the ancient lineage of Chavín.  His knowledge and mastery of the Chavin mesada art has been honed over four decades of study and practice as a shaman, healer and seer in service to holistic healing and higher consciousness..

His shamanic apprenticeship began in1970, diligently studying the esoteric and anthropological literature to learn the metaphysical principles of duality in the universal order and the technology of reconciliation of the complimentary opposites.  He is a wholly plant-taught practitioner in the original archaic tradition learning directly from the Source through the sacred plants themselves.

Don Howard is a true maestro of the  circular plaza, the original grandmother of the mesa.  He has initiated many hundreds of seekers to a deeper understanding of their spiritual destiny and human potential through his dynamic mastery of the mesa art.

A man of high integrity, genuine human warmth, humility, compassion, and strength not possessed by power, he conducts his work in deep concentration, honestly, straightforward, and without deception.  He is a man of his word with a deep sense of commitment and responsibility to those who invest their trust in him.  He is a rare find in this day and time, a pure and dedicated practitioner of the original Chavin Mesa style, perhaps the most profound mystical practice ever conceived by man.

Don Howard's gift of positive healing energy,  rich experience in the shamanic arts,  and ceremonial skill derived from several lifetimes provides a trusted guide in one's metaphysical visionary journeys.

He will share with you the profound experiences of the Chavín Mesa as no other.  The mission of Chavín over 3,000 years ago was to heal and transform the ancient Andean world by sharing the gift of Universal Consciousness with those who sought it.  And so it continues today.

Don Howard is a chakaruna, an accomplished transcultural bridge to the real world of global shamanic consciousness.  Fluent in Spanish and English, he is a respected curandero whever he goes in Perú.  He conducts monthly huachuma and ayahuasca healing and consciousness retreats at SpiritQuest Shamanic Sanctuary in the Peruvian Amazon where he resides with his wife and two children.  Twice each year he conducts the legendary huachuma mesada pilgrimages from the north coast and in the central Andes.

... healing through evolution of higher consciousness
... one kindred spirit at a time.

The legendary Chavín Huachuma Mesada ritual
 unifying, and transforming humankind through
 holistic cleansing, healing and higher consciousness

The Extraordinary Chavin Co-fraternity of Humanity
The Founders of Andean Civilization



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